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Integrated Legacy Planning™

"At the end of the day it's all about your legacy"

The Integrated Planning Process™ uses a four-step, personal, values-driven process to assist our private clients in developing a wealth management strategy consistent with their mission, vision, values, and goals. The ultimate objective is to optimize the use and deployment of financial, human and intellectual capital consistent with each client’s core values.

"No one is remembered for what they took, only what they gave.
Whatever you keep, you lose. Whatever you give away, you have forever."

As each generation has done before, it will be your turn to create a vision that will last far into the future. To do so requires three critical steps:

Here at Integrated Financial, we have been helping our clients create lasting legacies for more than thirty years. Our mission is to help each client gain clarity and insights into their vision and goals for themselves, their family, their business and their community.

"Your Lasting VISION...
Let us help turn your vision into reality"


"The footprints of the wise endureth forever."
- Anonymous